Uganda Ebola outbreak update: Latest numbers, Vaccines, Travel restrictions for contacts


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Latest numbers

in Update on Ebola happened because of Sudan Ebola virus (SUDV) In Uganda, as of October 26, a total of 115 confirmed and 21 probable cases have been reported, including 32 confirmed cases and 21 probable deaths (CFR among confirmed cases: 27.8%). In all, 15 cases with four deaths have been reported among health care workers.

The hardest-hit district is Mubindi, which reported 54.7% (n=63) of all confirmed cases, notably Madodu sub-district that reported 21 confirmed cases (18.2% of all confirmed cases).


There have been concerns that the spread of infection in Uganda may be difficult to control because there is currently no vaccine for the Sudan strain.

The World Health Organization International consultations with vaccine developers have begun to identify candidate vaccines against Sudan Ebola virus which can be tested in randomized clinical studies in Uganda. There are three candidate vaccines under study: cAd3, cAdOX1, and rVSV SUDV GP. Clinical study protocols are subject to review by Uganda’s ethical and regulatory committees.

At each stage of the clinical study, the WHO Priority Setting Committee will review the evidence collected on the efficacy and safety of candidate vaccines to inform response activities.

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Travel restrictions for contacts

The Ugandan Ministry of Health said, Friday, in a press release:

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