Upset Matt LaFleur warns his players after Packers loss at Bills



The Green Bay Packers suffered their fourth consecutive defeat Sunday night against the Bills. In his post-match press conference, coach Matt LaFleur sent a warning to his players.

Packers coach Matt Lafleur.
© Joshua Bessix / Getty ImagesPackers coach Matt Lafleur.

There was no place for turmoil on Sunday night. The Packers They were unable to overcome the odds on their journey to buffalo Sunday evening, lost to Invoices 27-17 to achieve four consecutive defeats this year.

eight weeks in 2022 NFL seasonAnd the Green Bay (3-5) He has a lot of work to get back on track. Once again, he struggled on both sides of the ball despite a late comeback attempt.

However, the result was not the alarming Matt LaFleur more. Kwai Walker He was kicked out for pushing a player from the Bills coaching team to the sidelines, which is the reaction type of a main Packers coach you won’t forgive.

Matt LaFleur Packers warns not to be tolerated

“I told him on the court, he’s always the second man, and You have to keep your balance LaFleur said about Walker via ProFootballTalk. Although this time he was the Rising Linebacker, LaFleur mentioned that his message Fits everyone.

“That’s something we talk about, stress all the time, we show clips of players all over the league losing their minds, and that’s an unfortunate lesson he has to learn. I hope it will be a reminder to everyone on our soccer team. This is the kind of thing I don’t tolerate. Mistakes will happen, but losing your composure, losing your poise, putting your team at risk, I have no tolerance for that.. “

Aaron Rodgers tries to hold his own after his fourth straight loss

on the other side, Aaron Rodgers Try to keep calm after the loss. The Packers quarterback has been very outspoken this year, but he He didn’t want to say anything he might regret later.

“I think the most important thing is to take a rhythm after a frustration like this. The last thing you want is to respond in emotion. So take a moment. let her sit,Rodgers said. Although the defeats are starting to pile up, he doesn’t seem nervous.

I don’t feel any extra pressure. I would like more of me,” Rodgers added. “I love the pressure. I enjoy the opportunity to throw the ball into the field. Hopefully next week we will have the opportunity. I have to get my players healthy.”

Things haven’t gone according to plan for the Packers this season, as they sit second in the North NFC while the Vikings In control of 6-1. Green Bay has a chance to bounce back next week against 1-6 black.

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