US Senate candidate John Fetterman is the most ‘pro-murderer’ nominee in America: Dr. Oz


During an interview onFox and Friends WeekendOn Saturday, Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed Philadelphia’s growing crime crisis, arguing that Democratic Senate candidate Lieutenant John Fetterman is fanning the flames with his own crime policies.

Dr. Oz’s mission: If you walk the streets of Philadelphia and most of the big cities in Pennsylvania, it’s the same story. People feel that responsible people value criminals more than innocent people. Families are in pain. No one seems to care. The fact that Jamir Harris could have been released from prison by this Conviction Integrity Unit, which seems Orwellian, is shocking to me, and shocking to everyone else. But just days ago, Jon Fetterman praised her, talking about her being a pioneer. It was a beacon of light. He’s already said we should have similar mandatory programs in all Pennsylvania counties. The parole board he serves. He wanted to do exactly what this Conviction Integrity Unit was doing, which is to go back, Find guilty people and take them out to the streets.

John Fetterman, Deputy Governor of Pennsylvania and the Democratic candidate for the Senate, speaks during a campaign event in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, US, Saturday, April 30, 2022 (Photo by Alexei Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

In fact, and even worse, he voted 25 times against all other parole board members to release convicted murderers, making him the most supportive of murder. filter in America. But this does not make any sense. He even goes out and hires the people he gets released. So when you stand by the criminals of all law-abiding citizens, people get upset. And people in Philadelphia say they feel like they’re part of a social experiment where, and that’s their formulation, white awakened people make rules but aren’t there to deal with its consequences. And I say as a Senator, I will ensure that dangerous criminals are not released and that police officers have our support and have the resources to do their jobs. Because they are now leaving in record numbers.

Dr. OZ slams over ‘shameful’ democracy policies that fuel crime, drug abuse and liberation

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