Vietnam dengue 2022: ‘The situation of will continue to develop complicatedly and tend to increase’


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in Dengue follow-up The situation in Vietnam This year, the Ministry of Health reported that the number of cases and deaths has risen to 314,271 cases and 115 deaths so far.


Officials expect the dengue case to continue to evolve in complexity and tend to increase.

In order to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic, so as not to spread and prolong the epidemic, the Ministry of Health has proposed to the chairman of the provincial and city people’s committees to pay attention to directing the following contents:

Assign specific responsibilities to authorities at all levels with the task of directing and mobilizing departments, agencies and social and political organizations to coordinate with the health sector to promptly deploy the campaign to eliminate larvae/larvae, ensuring all households in epidemic and in-risk areas should be checked and monitored for tanks, water containers, materials, waste and places Mosquito breeding to conduct methods to kill mosquitoes.

Aedes aegypti goods

The health sector applies strict supervision to the overall handling of local dengue outbreaks. Organizing chemical spraying of 100% of households in the outbreak area. Ensure that chemicals are sprayed in the correct manner, and evaluate vector index before and after spraying to obtain a specific spray index. Identify high-risk areas to organize effective spraying of insecticides.

The Ministry of Health asked the localities to direct the Department of Information and Communication and media agencies to coordinate with the Ministry of Health to strengthen communication on the prevention of dengue fever so that people can take voluntary measures to prevent dengue fever. Preventive measures for individuals and communities, actively participate in the collection of waste materials that cause water stagnation, where larvae and mosquitoes grow, close the lid and release fish into the tank, and pots containing household water.

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