Vietnam reports 1st human case of influenza A(H5) since 2014


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Deputy Director of Preventive Medicine Department of the Ministry of Health Dr. Nguyen Long Tam announced today that a 5-year-old female patient from Phu Tho, in northern Vietnam, has tested positive for the virus. Influenza A (H5).

H5N1 Avian Influenza
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This is the first human case of influenza A (H5) in Vietnam since February 2014. From 2003 to date, Vietnam has recorded 128 cases of influenza A (H5), including 64 deaths.

Deputy Director of the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology Tran Nhu Dong said that once the case was identified, the institute sent a mobile prevention team to Phu Tho, to the district where the patient lives to coordinate with the Animal Health Department – Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Localities to conduct epidemiological investigations.

The team took 65 samples from the patient’s contacts (both from near and far), and the test results showed that all were negative for influenza A (H5). At the moment, the state of health of those in contact with the patient is considered completely normal.

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To prevent the spread of influenza from poultry to humans, the Preventive Health Administration recommends that people take the following measures:

1. Do not kill, slaughter, or use sick or dead poultry for unknown reasons.

2. Not to trade or use meat, eggs and poultry products of unknown origin.

3. Do not eat blood pudding, do not eat meat and poultry eggs that have not been fully processed.

4. When sick or dead poultry is discovered, the local authorities should be notified immediately.

5. If symptoms of influenza related to contact with poultry appear, immediately go to a health facility for examination and treatment in time.


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