Vince Carter says Russell Westbrook will end like Allen Iverson



NBA legend Vince Carter drew parallels between Russell Westbrook’s current situation and the twilight of Allen Iverson’s career.

Russell Westbrook
© Ronald Martinez / Getty ImagesRussell Westbrook

he was there Lots of chatter Around Russell Westbrook During the past two seasons. His athletic and physical traits are still there, but he’s not a good fit for Los Angeles Lakers.

More than that, and even after the horrible shooting problems, his body language seems out of reach now. Charles Barclay He says the Lakers have taken the joy and love of the game away from him, and he may be right.

For this reason earlier NBA All-Star Vince Carter Westbrook urges a different mindset. Otherwise, he will be knocked out of the league without a chance to contribute to the championship team, Just like Allen Iverson.

NBA news: Vince Carter says Russell Westbrook needs to embrace a new role

“Ross has been Ross for a very long time, and the hardest thing to accept is not being around right now—you’re sitting there watching all of a sudden. Uncharted territory for him, if you like,” Carter said.

“And sometimes it takes a little getting used to because it is an image of yourself. I am speaking from experience” Carter added. “Starter. Go-to guy. All-Star. You get a new role that looks good and you buy it until you really have to be in it. Sometimes it’s not that easy and we all approach these situations differently.”

“Another guy, Allen Iverson, has been through those situations for different teams where he didn’t want to get off the bench, he couldn’t bear to come off the bench,” Carter explained. “And that’s why a lot of us felt like, ‘Man, Allen Iverson should have been in the league for so long,’ but he didn’t want to be in that role. And I think Ross is in that role now. You know, you either buy it or you don’t buy it.” “.

Iverson was More liked and respected About the league more than Westbrook nowadays. However, this is a ruthless business, and he was out of the NBA once it became a liability on the court.

So, if Westbrook doesn’t want his career to end as abruptly and infamous as Iverson’s, he might take a deep look in the mirror and realize he must change his game. The Lakers did not do right by him, But it also needs some accountability.

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