Warriors could trade Jordan Poole, but there’s a catch



The Golden State Warriors have been looking to keep Jordan Bowl on board, but a looming contract extension could complicate matters.

Jordan Paul
© Takashi Aoyama / Getty ImagesJordan Paul

Jordan Paul He went from being one of the worst shooters in the league to breakout star and a major contributor to NBA Championship. right Now , Golden State Warriors Need to find a way to squeeze his new salary into their books.

Of course, having a young star who is ready to make money is a good problem. But Dubs still has to try to keep the core of the championship together. They owe them so much After four episodes in eight seasons.

For this, as much as love paul, He might end up being the odd guy in this equation. according to Tim Kawakami, Athletic player Warriors could sign it for a huge extension just to trade it in later.

NBA rumors: Warriors could trade with Jordan Paul if he gets an extension

“He was fantastic last season and helped them win the title,” Kawakami Books.But if the Warriors sign Paul a good deal, they can trade him in in the future for tax relief relief or just for a straight basketball move (or more likely, both). Heck, that might be true even if they signed him to a deal. You can always trade good players on strong deals.”

Paul is not worried about the status of his contract

But despite a lot of grumbling and rumours about his situation, Paul doesn’t seem too bothered about it. Instead, he’ll let his camp handle that and focus on the hoop:

“We did what we needed to do last year. I got a championship as a team, and obviously that’s something that exists, but I’m going to let my reps deal with that,” Paul told the media. “I have confidence that we will work on something. I am just here to play basketball and am excited to be back with the team. However, we are entering the season anyway. I’m going to play my game, I’m going to be me, and I’m putting in everything to help us win matches, whatever the situation or circumstances.”

The Warriors have done a great job staying competitive while also building for the future. But they might be forced to sacrifice something somewhere down the line, aPaul could be that sacrifice.

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