Washington city forced to remove ‘tasteless’ ‘Karen’-themed Halloween display after residents complain


Fi . City Washington State They were forced to remove a Halloween-themed show called “Karen” after residents launched complaints that it was “offensive”.

“The City of Prosser has removed the City Hall’s Halloween parade and withdrew its entry to the Prosser Historic Downtown decorating competition,” a city press release said. “City officials acknowledge that the show was against the spirit of the competition.”

Karen’s Halloween Show.
(Prosser City)

The show featured a scarecrow-shaped decoration, with a model wearing a T-shirt that read “Can I talk to the manager?” The show was seated next to a sign that read “Karen’s Garden”.

“Karen” is a controversial pejorative term aimed at privileged white women.

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City Manager Thomas Glover said the offer was prepared by city employees but did not say if the city had approved the offer in advance, according to the Tri-City Herald.

Some social media responses to the town’s Facebook page described the show as offensive and “tasteless”.

“I have found Prosser to be a tasteless, disrespectful, agonizing, and totally uninvited display of childishness, which means that the City of Prosser should make a public apology. To all the women of the Greater Prosser, (whose name is) Karen and all to the citizens of Prosser. It was. That’s very unprofessional in PROSSER from top to bottom…”, Mike Ray Carrell wrote, according to the Tri-City Herald.

Fewer children have been named Karen than ever

Prosser City Hall, Washington.  The city recently dismantled a Halloween show that was deemed offensive.

Prosser City Hall, Washington. The city recently dismantled a Halloween show that was deemed offensive.
(Google Maps)

Members of a town group opposing a plan to replace Prosser City Hall and the local police station via a $16.8 million bond package for the outlet said the offer targeted their group’s leader.

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“Last weekend, the city council entered an annual Halloween Decoration Contest with an evil scarecrow dressed like me. Several people who understood the context behind the show immediately complained to the city, “Friends from downtown Prosser member Maricela Sanchez told the Tri-City Herald.” Prosser City Hall has engaged in targeted and overt harassment of Prosser’s private citizen on public grounds. “

“They made a hideous puppet to publicly insult a city dweller in retaliation for their opposition to the city’s bond proposal at the upcoming ballot,” she wrote.

Glover denied that the show was targeting one person in particular.

“It’s unfortunate that some people decided it was targeting a resident,” he told the Tri-City Herald. “I think it’s out of control.”

Fox News Digital has arrived! Historic downtown Prosser and Glover but did not immediately receive replies.


Prosser is located in south central Washington, about a 45-minute drive from the Oregon border.

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