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Watch the Kutta 900 Rapper BFG video that is going viral on the web. The Kutta 900 is said to be the one who shot the Rapper BFG Strapper.

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The Kutta 900 whose real name is Foreva_Thuggn is said to be the killer of the Rapper BFG Straap.

Police officers rushed to 2,800 blocks of Casey Road, near South Malcolm X Lane at 3:30 p.m. when a shooting was recorded nearby. Officials found the group of 26-year-old Corrie Medina Lucien, who had been hit on numerous occasions. Immediately pronounced dead. Besides him, officials also found 22-year-old Anthion Dillard, also known as BGF Straap. They drove BFG Straap to the clinic but at that point he was pronounced dead.

WJZ has learned that the famous Baltimore rapper who went along with LonnieDaGoat was killed in a recent shooting in Cherry Slope.

At 9 a.m., police said, officials responded to 2,800 blocks of Bouckaert Road to obtain a report of an inactive man. There, they found Baltimore city surgeons at the scene who had previously explained the dead man’s death. Police did not immediately name the victim, but his mother identified him as Dillon Boucherode Jr.

“My family is not great now. We are bad,” his mother, Kia Boucherod, said. “He is my main child. They simply have no vague idea of ​​how they treat us. Baltimore is very deceptive.”

It wasn’t so muddy until now when the 24-year-old rapper was shot, however, Baltimore police got the call Tuesday morning and contacted people found his body among column houses in a place that’s a notoriously easy road. Individuals who live on Bookert Drive say they heard a solitary shot the night before.

Bushrod Jr. owns. Lots of views on his YouTube channel. Likewise he had areas of strength among the youth. Recordings via virtual entertainment showed him visiting and performing at Baltimore schools. In one post he said that it motivated him and that “…the right only to be a positive image of youth…”.

His mom said she cherishes his music and will currently need to watch recordings and listen to LonnieDaGoat’s tracks now that he’s no longer around.

“Simply angry because his life has been taken from us. We will really miss him,” Boucherode said. “Every day he is about to go crazy, not addressing him by any means.”

The police have not officially identified Bushrod Jr. as the person in question, however they are wondering if they know who killed him.

Anyone with data to contact the police should be contacted at 410-396-2100 or Metro Wrongdoing Plugs at 1-866-7Lockup.

Watch the video of the Kutta 900 BFG Straap

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