What are the most popular cocktails by state?



Sure, kids get trick-or-treating, but adults can have another kind of fun during Halloween. One of the best ways is to get together with friends and family and enjoy some Halloween drinks. Check out the most famous cocktails in each state.

Halloween party
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Halloween Almost here, and during the weekend there will be a lot of festivities. Whether you and your friend will attend Masquerade Or just hang out and watch some horror moviesThis time of year is the perfect excuse for fun drink.

Sure, there are classic cocktails that can work just as well for a Halloween party, but why waste the opportunity to create some? Unique drinks For your friends and family? Many people seem to be looking for fun alternatives and Google has all the data for their favorite Halloween-inspired cocktails.

Based on vampires, zombies, classic pumpkin spice, or your own Favorite character in TV or movieAnd the There are a lot of options. If you’d like to get some ideas, you can check out this list of the most popular Halloween drinks in your state, according to Google Trends.

Halloween drinks: the most popular cocktails by state in 2022

One of the most popular Halloween cocktails is Sweet Poison Cocktail It is the most searched on Google in seven states. This cocktail consists of light rum, coconut rum, blue curacao and pineapple juice. Most searched for is witches drink, It is made with vodka, lemon juice, raspberry liqueur, sprite and coloring. Check out all the list:

  1. Washington: Sweet Poison Cocktail
  2. Oregon: Poison apple cocktail
  3. California: zombie cocktail
  4. Nevada: Pumpkin Spice Martini
  5. Idaho: Skelton Key Cocktail
  6. Montana: Good and Evil Cocktail
  7. Wyoming: Hooks Box Cocktail
  8. Utah: witches drink
  9. Arizona: Hooks Box Cocktail
  10. Colorado: zombie cocktail
  11. New Mexico: Witch’s Heart Cocktail
  12. North Dakota: Eliminate body number 2
  13. South Dakota: Sweet Poison Cocktail
  14. Nebraska: Devil’s Margarita
  15. KS: witches drink
  16. Oklahoma: Butterbeer
  17. Texas: Vampire Kiss Cocktail
  18. Minnesota: witches drink
  19. Yes: Sweet Poison Cocktail
  20. Missouri: black widow cocktail
  21. Arkansas: bloody mary
  22. Louisiana: witches drink
  23. Wisconsin: Sweet Poison Cocktail
  24. Illinois: Dracula’s blood
  25. Michigan: Sweet Poison Cocktail
  26. Indiana: Black Magic Margherita
  27. Ohio: Sweet Poison Cocktail
  28. Kentucky: blood bag cocktail
  29. Tennessee: witches drink
  30. Mississippi: blood bag cocktail
  31. Florida: Vampire Kiss Cocktail
  32. Alabama: black widow cocktail
  33. Georgia: Vampire Kiss Cocktail
  34. South Carolina: jungle halloween juice
  35. North Carolina: mischievous cocktail
  36. Virginia: zombie cocktail
  37. West Virginia: zombie cocktail
  38. Pennsylvania: witches drink
  39. New York: Blood orange margarita
  40. Washington, DC: Pumpkin Martini
  41. Maryland: Vampire blood cocktail
  42. Delaware: Poison apple cocktail
  43. New Jersey: Vampire Kiss Cocktail
  44. Connecticut: witches drink
  45. Rhode Island: Pumpkin drunk
  46. Massachusetts: Candy Corn Cocktail
  47. Vermont: Poison apple cocktail
  48. New Hampshire: Pumpkin Spice Margherita
  49. who: candy corn shots
  50. Alaska: Sweet Poison Cocktail
  51. Hawaii: black widow cocktail
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