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left Instacart We IPO nerds feel battered. late last week, Reuters reported that the US tech and grocery delivery company may likely put its initial public offering on hold until next year. The high-value startup was ready for it It became the most amazing IPO of the year In the US, but it now looks like we won’t see the fallout from the IPO reception for at least a few more months.

Instacart’s IPO is notable not only because of its corporate history. company I collected huge sumshas grown exponentially during the pandemic and is in the midst of it Expansion of advertising and software. The IPO was also set to be critical to other unicorns, but it’s special, because it would have provided some indication of the general market’s sentiment toward at least one of their peers.

Sadly, we’re probably short on new unicorn liquidity information for the rest of the 2022 calendar. And while it’s disappointing, this turn of events teaches us a few things. (Instacart declined to comment on the timing of the IPO, but it did reveal some exciting information about its performance in the third quarter — details below.)

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Remember that Instacart got a file Rating 409A (internal) new and lower advance this month. So we’re seeing the company delay the IPO despite what we would consider less of a hurdle to it — in terms of pricing, at least.

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