What Does The Magician Tarot Card Mean? A Tarot Priestess Explains


Tarot is a way for people to connect with spiritual world. Since at least the middle of the fifteenth century, tarot readers have drawn tarot cards to guide them through the harrowing life Twists and turns. And with its growing popularity on social media (hello, #TarotTok), it makes sense to be curious as to what the cards have in store for you. If you have drawn a sorcerer’s card, get ready to bridge the gap between the spiritual and material worlds, because the energy of this card is all about realizing your magical potential.

It helps to know the basics of Tarot to fully understand the meanings of the magician. For starters, every tarot deck has its own 78 cardswhich are divided into subgroups called Small and Large Arcana. The wizard is part of the Master Arcana group, which are archetypes that reflect crucial life lessons. The card depicts a person standing in front of a table with one hand pointing up and the other facing down, which is said to represent the phrase “As above, so below”. everybody four elements – Fire, water, air and earth appear in the background. This card is about the manifestation, desire and manipulation of the energies around you, which is reflected in the spiritual world as in the earthly world.

What does a magician’s tarot card mean?

In the Tarot, it represents the major arcana fools Journey, a metaphor for our single quest through life. The magician, named number one, is the first encounter of the unknown. It represents self-realization and independence. It is the revelation that you are the creator of your life, and have the power to produce the reality you desire. Since it is the first card after the cheat, the card heralds new beginnings.

“In the Pamela Coleman Smith illustration for Smith White deckthe figure has one arm pointing up and one arm pointing down, Melinda Lee Holmtarot priestess and author The power of the elements And the Your magical yearBustle says. “[This image] It symbolizes the magician’s connection to heaven and earth and the immense power of magic. “

Think of these images as a physical survey of the spiritual world, allowing you to fulfill your destiny as the architect of your life. The Magician is a reminder that you have plenty of resources – aka four elements At your disposal, so you can rely on your mystical abilities to get what you want. You are a magician in your craft, and it’s time to take note!

Pulling a magician’s card is a sign that you should dive into the practice of pretending. Whether you do vision boards, Assumption lawor other Another appearance methodThe magician asks you to take your practice seriously. Recognizing strength is only part of the magician’s charm – he has the intention and the work to show it in order to make it happen.

“I would advise people to start saying what they want to conjure up out loud in the present tense,” Holm explains. “For example, if you’re looking for a job, say ‘I have my dream job’ before you really draw it.”

What does a magician’s card mean when it’s upright?

Since you’re always shuffling your deck, tarot readers use the card’s orientation to decipher its meaning. When the magician’s card is pulled from the right side up, or in an upright position, it is an auspicious symbol of strength, power, talents, and new beginnings. You are reminded of your magical powers, and whatever manifestations you work towards will prove fruitful as long as you continue to lean on your Inner Creator. Whether it’s rubbing the elbow with the big names or investing in that master class, the wizard reminds you to use the resources around you.

“When a magician comes to read, it is an invitation to advance in your power, to accept that you have the power to move mountains with your magic,” Holm explains. “It can be exciting or intimidating, depending on the person and the situation.”

Ultimately, the Magician tarot is a symbol of your unique talents and skills, as well as a sign of reaching your full potential. It is an indication that you have more power in your life, and that you should recognize the power that you possess. Perhaps you are frustrated about getting rejected after rejection or suffering from major impostor syndrome.

What does a magician’s reverse card mean?

The more you use your Tarot deck, the more you pull the cards upside down, or in the opposite direction – either intentionally or unintentionally. Some tarot practitioners believe that the card in reverse reflects the negative meaning of the card. Others say the reverse card has its original meaning but must be interpreted to reveal something inside. On the one hand, a magician is the realization of your magical abilities; On the other hand, it can represent the blocks that prevent you from accessing your inner strength.

“If the card is reversed, it may indicate that truly harnessing your power will be a little challenging or may be delayed,” Holm explains. If the magician appears in the opposite direction, you may want to think about the obstacles in your path that are discouraging you. Have you been hermit recently? Or maybe you feel sluggish by others. A magician in reverse is a good moment to check whether the circumstances stacked against you are under your control, and whether or not the people around you are uplifting you.

“The energy of a wizard’s energy can be high or quiet, inward or outward, but it is always transformative and empowering,” says Holm.


Melinda Lee Holmtarot priestess and author The power of the elements And the Your magical year

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