What dragon was Daemon singing to? 



The first season of House of the Dragon is finally over, and fans have a lot of questions. One of them is what dragon that Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) was trying to claim? Check out what we know.

Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen
© HBOMatt Smith as Daemon Targaryen

Season 1 of Dragon House It’s over, but a the second season It has already been announced and is expected to be in 2024. However, the finale was as emotionally high as promised, with the official start of the “Dance of Dragons.” While there have been many notable scenes, (spoilers in the future) fans have questions about it Devil Targaryen And the dragon who was trying to pretend to sing.

During the end, we see Rhinera (Emma Darcy) and the blacks try to figure out how to respond to Aegon’s coronation. While Rhaenyra does not want to start a war, as she has promised her father to maintain a united world, her husband Daemon (Matt Smith) is not completely convinced by her lack of acting.

Says Rhinera They can attack greens because they have more dragons than them. insist that they have seven adult dragons, The children of Rhinera and Bayla are the daughter of a demon. However, he also says that they can access “neutral” dragons, which are dragons that do not have knights.

What dragon was the devil singing to?

After Jess and Luke take off to try to convince the Allies of the Rhinera cause, we see Damon in a cave with a torch singing in it. High valerian. At first viewers don’t see much, before a large dragon takes over the screen.

During his conversation with Rhanyra, he told her “Seasmoke still resides in Driftmark, Vermithor and Silverwing I live in Dragonmont […] Then there are the three wild dragons, and they all nest here.”

While we don’t know for sure, according to Polygon, “Given the size of that dragon and the response to its song, it seems likely that this is true vermithor, Who was the Dragon King Geyers.” According to the same source, this dragon is described as bronze, has “big tan wings” and will be around 100 years old.

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