What happened to the author of Harry Potter?


J.K. Rowling Known worldwide for being the author of the world’s most popular and highest-grossing franchise: Harry Potter. In 2007, she was named the world’s highest-paid writer, according to Forbes magazine. Not only has she achieved international success with the therapist, she is also responsible for Fantastic monsters The epic, the story of which revolves around the enchanting animal scientist Newt Scamander.

She’s been an icon of literature for a long time, but over the years and with unfortunate comments, fans have canceled and separated her from projects around the Wizarding World. They have also earned a reputation for not being easy to deal with due to their methods and ways of managing things.

Recently, the 57-year-old English writer was on everyone’s lips after publishing a series of Anti-transgender tweets. as a result of CashShe published a new book (under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith entitled black ink heart. It is based on her own experience after it was canceled and the character in the story is under threat of death for expressing her opinion.

What did JK Rowling say?

The author sparked a strong controversy after publishing a Twitter post series and the Publish a book Where the villain was a psychopathic serial killer, who turns out to be a man dressed as a woman. Rowling connected her followers on the social network with a store that sold Anti-transgender elementsThey had badges written on them.F**k your conscience” And the “Notorious Transphobe“.

It all started after I responded to an article about menstrual products, opposing the phrase “menstruating peopleSince JK claimed that only women can have monthly periods and not transgender men who haven’t stopped yet.

ideaan app designed to track menstrual cycles, replied to her post and wrote “Hi @jk_rowling, Using genderless language is about transcending the idea that woman = womb. Feminists were once mocked for wanting to change sexual language, but now it’s more common to say a fireman rather than a firefighter.” Criticisms did not stop raining on the author.

Since that time and without backing off, I’ve published several personal articles on the subject, and signed an open letter warning about “cancel culture“And I posted a series of tweets about how”We are on the brink of a medical scandalShe also compared hormone therapy to homoeopathic conversion therapy.

But the scandal does not end there, as Rowling decided to double the bet and Continue with her position. After seeing the users’ reaction, I decided to reply and She defends her previous statements.

Soon, she tweeted “I know and love trans people, but erasing the concept of gender nullifies the ability of many to speak meaningfully about their lives. It is not hateful to tell the truth. The idea that women like me, who have been sympathetic to trans people for decades, feel connected because they are vulnerable in the same way that you are.” Women, that is, to male violence, “hate” transgender people because they think sex is real. And they have lived the consequences – that’s nonsense.

Who are the actors who spoke about the author’s comments?

All of her comments have caused many celebrities to come out against her (like Jonathan Van Nessauthor Margaret Atwood And the Pete Davidson) and backlash from fans. Most of the Harry Potter stars gave their opinion and did not take the author’s side. Among those who raised their voices, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson And the Rupert Grintamong other things.

Ralph Fiennes Voldemort has not commented on the author’s notes, but said the amount of hate Rowling was receiving online was verbal abuse, which he found “disgusting” and “appalling”. also added, “I mean, I can understand a point of view that might be angry at what you’re saying about women. But it (she) isn’t an outrageous far-right fascist. It’s just a woman saying, ‘I’m a woman and I feel like a woman and I want to say I’m a woman.'” I understand where it came from. I’m not a woman, though.”

It was One of the few who defended itWhile Daniel Radcliffe do the opposite. The actor who plays Harry Potter recently explained, during an interview with Indie Wire, that he felt the need to let the community know that not everyone in the series thinks the same way.

At the time, when the scandal was settled in 2020, Daniel said “While Joe is undoubtedly responsible for the direction my life has taken, as someone who has had the privilege to work for the past decade and continues to contribute to the Trevor Project, and as a human only, I feel compelled to say something about at this time. Transgender women are women. Any A statement to the contrary erodes the identity and dignity of transgender people and goes against all advice offered by health care professional associations that have far more experience with this issue than Joe or I.”

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