What is a two-way contract?



With the start of the 2022-2023 NBA season, players who have a dual contract signed with the NBA team will try to find their place on the main roster. However, as their contract states, that will be difficult.

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The coming 2022-23 NBA season will be full new players Coming out ready to leave their mark on National Basketball Association. However, only a few list of beginners are willing to take on the challenge. That’s why most of them sign a file two-way deal Which isn’t exactly part of the NBA home roster.

In fact, these players are usually selected from the NBA draft secondly circular. Although no full contract has been signed between these players, they are one step ahead of those whose names were not announced at the ceremony. Simply because they are already training at the NBA level.

In fact, there is evidence of that secondlycircular shots are better than firstthey are round. This is due to the salary cap that allows teams to sign for the second round for less money, while the first round player is signed under The deal of the first year. Therefore, sometimes the team saves money for a really good player during his development.

What is a two-way contract?

according to NBA G League official website, A two-way contract is a deal that means a player can participate in training sessions with an NBA team but up to a maximum 45 days. Players are paid in two directions a The corresponding daily amount Based on the number of days they play in each league. However, only players in The fourth season of the NBA Or earlier are able to sign two-way contracts.

Also, if a player signs a two-way contract, the player will not be available to play in NBA playoffs. Although if the team really needed him, he could change the deal to a full-time existing deal, so he would be available to play. Otherwise, he will be absent as long as his contract status changes.

In fact, during 2019-20 NBA seasontwo-way players were allowed to play in NBA playoffs, due to health and safety protocols. Although, for this 2022-23 NBA seasontwo-way contracts will be set with a limit 50 games in the regular season With no participation in the qualifiers.

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