What is premenstrual dysphoric disorder?


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Dixie DiAmelio went through a difficult time in her personal life and decided to share the diagnosis that the doctors gave her through her social networks. Young Tictoker suffers from annoying premenstrual dysphoric disorder, but what is it? Here, check out everything you need to know about the disease.

Dixie D'Amelio at 2022 Harper's Bazaar ICONS and Bloomingdale's 150th Anniversary in 2022.
© Theo Wargo / Getty ImagesDixie D’Amelio at 2022 Harper’s Bazaar ICONS and Bloomingdale’s 150th Anniversary in 2022.

Dixie Damelio Was struggling with multiple Health problems Over the past few years and recently revealed diagnose. The 21-year-old tik tok star shared on her social media during her live broadcast the doctors I told her she did Premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

“I didn’t realize how much it affected me until I got to this point where I was last week. But it really changes my life, my attitude, my personality, my relationships, who I am as a person and my anxiety. It’s very clear to see in the next two episodes of the show,” said the D’Amelio Show star.

She also explained that she had been suffering from various symptoms that affected her mental health for the past seven years of her daily life. Some were sad, anxious, tense, moody, irritable and angry. Fans who want to see her experience and how she dealt with the disorder can do so at the second season From the show that airs on Hulu.

What is premenstrual dysphoric disorder?

PMDD is a condition that women suffer from Emotionally related symptoms, where there is a more severe contrast than in those with normal premenstrual syndrome. Although the symptoms are similar, in the case of premenstrual dysphoric disorder it is always more severe and exhausted.

They occur during the week prior to menstrual bleeding and improve within a few days after the start of the period. Below is a list of the most common symptoms:

  • Lack of interest in daily activities and relationships with others
  • Fatigue or lack of energy
  • Sadness or despair, possible suicidal thoughts
  • Worry
  • Feeling of losing control
  • Cravings for certain foods or overeating
  • Mood swings with crying spells
  • panic attacks
  • Persistent irritability or anger affecting others
  • Flatulence, breast pain, headache, and muscle or joint pain
  • sleep problems
  • Difficulty concentrating

What are the causes of premenstrual dysphoric disorder?

Until now No reasons were foundbut it is possible that hormonal changes that occur during a woman’s menstrual cycle may play a role. Although nothing has been confirmed as such, it is possible that this is one of the main reasons.

It is thought that there are many other factors that could be involved, such as alcohol or drug abuse, a thyroid disorder, being overweight, having a mother with a history of this disorder, and a lack of exercise.

How is premenstrual dysphoric disorder treated?

The first step will be to adapt a file healthy lifestyle in order to manage the disturbance. Eat a balanced diet of whole grains, vegetables and fruits and reduce or stop your intake of salt, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. also, Regular aerobic exercise The whole month is ideal to reduce the severity of symptoms.

On the other hand, sometimes some symptoms can be treated Antidepressants. This would help as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Before taking any kind of changes or making any kind of changes, you should first consult with a medical professional.

Other treatments That may help:

  • Birth control pills usually help reduce PMS symptoms. The continuous dose types are more effective, especially those containing a hormone called drospirenone. With continuous doses, you may not get your period every month.
  • Diuretics may be useful for women who experience significant weight gain in a short time due to fluid retention.
  • Other medications suppress the ovaries and ovulation.
  • Pain relievers may be prescribed for headaches, back pain, menstrual cramps, and breast pain.
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