What is the banned substance Roxadustat?



Simona Halep is facing a suspension that could end her tennis career. In this article you will find out why she was penalized, when she failed the test, and what is the banned substance known as Roxadostat.

Simona Halep at the US Open
© Matthew Stockman / Getty ImagesSimona Halep at the US Open

In a shocking turn of events, Simona Halep He was temporarily suspended from tennis after failing a drug test in 2022 US Open in New York. The former #1 ranked player in the world may be at a crossroads that may end her career because she faces a possibility Four-year ban from any competition.

The International Tennis Integrity Agency The announcement was made and now the investigation is still ongoing. I’m confused and betrayed. I will fight to the end to prove that I did not intentionally take any banned substance and have faith that sooner or later, the truth will come out,” he said. Simona Halep Through an official statement.

Simona Halep He is a two-time Grand Slam champion and the banned substance in this case is known as Roxadostat. Here you will find more details about this material and the implications for the 31-year-old Roman star.

Simona Halep: What is the banned substance Roxadustat?

Roxadostat It is an oral medication commonly used to treat anemia in cases of chronic kidney disease. The crucial thing in this case is what triggered Simona Halep’s comment, is that the substance increases the production of red blood cells. This process is also known as red blood cell formation process.

This mode is prohibited due to Roxadostat Helps produce erythropoietin. You may have heard of this term in Cyclingespecially in Tour de France scandals. EPO has been used by many cyclists to improve their performance in such competitions and challenging environments, as it increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. Of course, that becomes a huge advantage for the athlete.

Now, a problem Simona Halep is the potential length of the suspension. The global anti-doping law It grants a four-year ban from all competitions, which may be reduced (one year only) if the athlete accepts the foul and the next penalty. Given that Halep is 31 years old, it can be very difficult to beat her in the career of one of Romania’s biggest stars.

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