What is the most popular beer in the World Cup host country?


Qatar 2022

Qatar is not only famous for its wealth but also for its amazing scenery, activities and drinks. Here, check out the most popular beers in the World Cup host country.

The booming craft beer segment is creating a niche market for small-scale beer.
© Justin Sullivan / Getty ImagesThe booming craft beer segment is creating a niche market for small-scale beer.

Qatar Preparing for one of the most important and long-awaited international events: World Cup 2022which was organized by FIFA. On the same opening day, November 20, 32 countries will present their soccer teams and the group stage will begin.

The team of the official host country entered automatically, while the rest of the countries had to earn the right to compete. The World Cup consisted of 8 groups, in which 64 matches would be played. This is the last time the stages consist of this number, as the number of countries that will be able to participate in the upcoming release will be increased.

There will be up to four matches per day during the first phase and will take place throughout the day. The only matches that may overlap are those played on the last day of the group stage, due to competitive integrity. If you want to prepare for the preview, you can make your prediction over here.

What are the most famous types of beer in Qatar?

The most famous beer in Qatar is Apple Fazin It contains a total of 2.97 alcohol. The drink consists of carbonation sparkling apple juice. that it Not exactly beer But it was given the name because it is of the same style.

On the other hand, there is also a barley soft drink that is very popular in the region and is called Barbican. It is a kind of non-alcoholic beer, originally produced by bass brewery. It is available in different parts of the world and not necessarily in a country store.

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