What Is The Protein Bor Trend On TikTok? Fitness Content Takes Over FYP Feeds


Even some of the biggest TikTok trends It tends to fade as soon as it arrives. However, the platform’s latest mania has captured the #GymTok imagination and got everyone talking – and in some somewhat exaggerated Irish accents. sponsored by popular Fitness TikTokerThe hashtag Protein Power has inspired thousands of Widely The clips have collected 16.2 million views so far. But, what exactly is the protein trend in TikTok?

As it turns out, the viral social media trend was inadvertently created by an Irish fitness influencer James Doyleknown for its workout videos and reviews of high-protein products including powders, supplements, yogurt, biscuits, and, you guessed it, protein bars.

However, Doyle’s reviews and experiences at the gym aren’t what originally caught his followers’ attention. Instead, it was the pronunciation of “Protein Bar” in its native Irish accent that sparked the takeover of TikTok by Protein Power.

Amused by his pronunciation, thousands of fellow TikTokers began imitating Doyle, and soon Protein Burr began taking off on the podium. Using TikTok’s newfound fame to his advantage, Doyle has since become one of the biggest #GymTok accounts, with More than 163 thousand followers And 5 million views as of this writing.

Addressing the sudden rise of TikTok’s trend Explainer videoDoyle of He hails from Mullingar cityIreland, said, “I don’t know what to do with it…I didn’t mean for any of this to happen but keep it lit! We’re in motion.”

The viral success of Protein Power has resulted in Doyle garnering a huge fan base online, and his followers are here a lot to acquire TikTok.

“I love the way everyone comments on Protein Pur everywhere, keep it up” A fan wrote on Twitter, while Another user joked“The Protein Bor on TikTok may be the most Ireland thing to happen to any app in a long time.”

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