What was the rapper’s cause of death?


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TMZ has confirmed the death of Aaron Carter and the music industry in mourning. Here, check out the cause of death of the 34-year-old rapper.

WE tv's Aaron Carter celebrates the 100th episode of "marriage camp" in 2019.
© Presley Ann/Getty Images for WE . TVWE tv’s Aaron Carter celebrated the 100th episode of “Marriage Camp” in 2019.

Aaron CarterThe singer turned around Rapperis found dead This afternoon, inside his home in Lancaster, California. Police sources revealed that the young star was discovered in a bathtub and authorities were called to the scene around 11 am. The family has not yet released a statement or talked about accident.

The little brother of the Backstreet Boys singer has hit rock bottom several times in his career. His life was full of controversy, addictions, and transgressions but he managed to tackle the chaos he was exposed to. He recently lost custody of his son Prince, due to domestic violence scandals and the bad effect it could have on his child.

He started in the industry when he was only seven years old, with singles like Sorgen USAthat quickly won. But soon after and after some failures, he fell into oblivion. He had several differencesIn 2019, he was accused of racism, after he mocked a Chinese citizen by imitating his accent when ordering Chinese food over the phone.

What was the cause of Aaron Carter’s death?

Although no official statement has been released yet, The singer has been suffering from addiction for a few years. However, he recently claimed to be clean and free of toxins, in order to regain guardianship of his son.

Sources say the 911 call they received mentioned it A man drowned in a bathtub in his home. Several homicide detectives have been dispatched to the scene but there is still no information on what really happened, as we have to wait and see what the investigation’s standard operating procedure reveals.

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