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After Walter Hamadeh stepped down as president of Warner Bros. James Gunn will be division lead alongside producer Peter Safran. Here’s what you need to know.

James Jenn
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director James Jenn and the product Peter Safran will drive now DC Studiosa newly formed division of Warner Bros., which will replace DC . MoviesI mentioned for the first time The Hollywood Reporter. They will act as co-chairs and co-CEOs responsible for everyone DC . movieTV and animation. According to the report, Gunn will be in charge of the creative side, while Safran will focus on business and production.

This move comes after a week Walter HamadehComing out as president of DC Films last week and in the middle of the year Warner Bros. Discovery Merger. As has been reported multiple times, the studio is looking to create a similar approach to Marvel Studios, with a more intertwined world and stories.

Currently, there are other DC universes in the pipeline. Todd Phillipsjoker It won’t be supervised by Gunn and Safran, but Warners co-chairs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdi. Meanwhile, according to the report, it is unclear who will supervise Batman Universe Matt ReevesAnd the Who develops complement and occasional.

James Gunn Movies and TV Shows

Gunn has been one of the most successful directors for adaptation of comic book franchises. He’s behind Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” Franchise, including the next special christmas And the third installment due to May 2023 (after its release, more on that later).

During his brief feud with Disney, he went to and worked in DC “Suicide Squad” (2021)It was loved by fans and critics. Also developed a spin-off “peace maker” Which was also a huge hit as he is working on a second season. As directors, other works include horror film and comedy “slid” (2006) and “excellent” (2010), as well as the BBC series “The Tromaville Cafe”.

What was James Jean’s controversy with Disney?

In 2018, Gunn was temporarily fired by Disney due to the return of a decade-old series of tweets in which the director He made jokes about child sexual exploitation, domestic violence, rape and other plausible topics. After the shooting, Gunn said, “I understand and agree with the business decisions made today,” and that is “sorry” Tweets “Because it doesn’t reflect the person I am today or what I was some time ago.”

However, he was rehired after members of the “Guardians”, among others, came out to support him and wrote a letter requesting that he be returned to his job. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he recalled how he felt after being fired. “It was unbelievable. And for a day, it looked like everything was gone. It’s all gone Gann said.

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