When do the Blind Auditions end?



The Voice is back on TV and coaches and artists are ready to start competing. Here we tell you when the blind tests will end.

Camila Cabello on The Voice 2022.
© @Camila CabelloCamila Cabello on The Voice 2022.

the sound The popular Monday 19th singing competition returned for the first time on NBC. Episodes are scheduled to air every Monday on the network and if you don’t have cable, they will be available at peacock And the fuboTVwhich currently offers a 7-day free trial.

Famous coaches have already devised their strategies to fight for artists. As we have already seen in the previous broadcasts, little by little the teams are filling up and so far the most complete is Camila Cabello’s team, which includes five singers (Morgan, Orlando, Rena, Davex and Cello).

Fans of the show might think so blind tests It’s the first time artists have sung in front of productions and coaches, but the truth is that the journey was much more detailed and comprehensive before they got there. They first go through several rounds of auditions and interviews before they hit the stage.

The Voice 2022: When will the Blind Auditions season 22 end?

The show started with blind auditions on September 19 this year, so the show has just started and it will take longer to reach its end as the format changes. In each of the auditions, artists bring out their talents to the best of their repertoire and coaches fight (or not) to get them into their respective teams.

During this season, each of the jurors will have a team of 14 performers at the end of blind auditions, with a total of 56 vocalists applying to fights. For each episode there are about 11 or 12 contestants on stage, which means there are still a few weeks left until the end.

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