When do the Knockouts begin?



The audience, performers and The Voice are ready to welcome the knockout. Here, check out when and how to watch the new stage, as well as who survived the battle rounds.

Andrew Igbokidi on season 22 of The Voice.
© Tweet embedAndrew Igbokidi on season 22 of The Voice.

the sound finish Battle rounds He is about to make way for Knockout For the remaining artists to get one step closer to the prize money. As we’ve seen in previous editions, the contestant who makes it to the finals and is crowned the winner will receive a record deal with Universal Music Group and the $100,000 sum.

But first they must go through several stages. As the fights ended, the results of those who survived the shows were revealed. There are only seven contestants left in each of the coaches’ groups, so there are 28 artists left in the competition.

Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Camila Cabello and John Legend greeted their battle advisors and paired up their cast members to perform several unforgettable duets. Now, with this phase over, welcome to KO’s, which will be broadcast on NBC, and if you don’t have cable, play peacock And the fuboTVwhich offers a one-week free trial.

When will the knockouts start on The Voice 2022?

According to the schedule, the KO will start on Monday, October 31 It will last for several episodes. We’ll be able to see how artists compete for a A total of 3 episodesthen wait for the TBA announcement and live shows, which is the final stage.

Unlike battle rounds, in the new stage, members of each team will have to do this They face each other again in pairsbut they will One song each, not a duet. Get ready for more amazing shows, fans!

The Voice 2022: Who are the Knockouts Artists?

Blake team

  • Austin Montgomery
  • body
  • Bryden Lab
  • Eve Ullman
  • Kevin Hawkins
  • Kate Calvatsch
  • Bryce Leatherwood

Gwen’s team

  • Rowan Grace
  • Kara Brindisi
  • Justin Aaron
  • Daisia ​​Renault
  • cake
  • Alyssa Witradoo
  • Kayla von der Heide

team john

  • Valerie Collins Harding
  • Emma Brooks
  • Morgan Taylor
  • Paregitta Pastola
  • Kim Cruz
  • The life of Jose Cardona
  • Peyton Aldridge

Camila team

  • Morgan Miles
  • Orlando Mendes
  • Rina Lee
  • Eric Ho
  • Divix
  • Andrew Igbokidi
  • cello
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