When is George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ new movie coming to streaming?



Julia Roberts and George Clooney are back together on the silver screen in “Ticket to Heaven”. Here, check when and where the movie is available to stream in the US.

Heaven ticket
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Julia Roberts And the George Clooney They are two of Hollywood’s sexiest stars, and they finally got together to make a romantic comedy. The husband plays the lead role “Ticket to Heaven” Next to the breakthrough star Kaitlyn DeverAnd the Which was a great start at the box office.

Debut rom-com with solid 16.3 million dollars On her first weekend in North America, while abroad, she already made about $80 million. In the film, Roberts and Clooney play a divorced couple who agree to try to spoil their daughter’s relationship with an Indonesian boy (Maxim Potter) in Bali.

Despite mixed to bad reviews (the film has a 50 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes), the film has found its way, especially among older audiences, according to Variety. Also, it served as a counter to black Adam. Here, check when it’s available on the streaming service.

Where and when will the “Paradise Ticket” flow start?

At the moment, “Ticket to Paradise” is only available in theaters and may be available for a few months. However, the movie is produced by Universal and has a deal with the studio peacock Television. However, when you access the streaming service, it is unknown.

In 2021, the films were released 45 days after their theatrical release. But this year, new releases have It took longer to get to the service. For example, No was released in July and will hit the peacock in mid-November, about four months later.

Roberts told the New York Times that she and Clooney “I felt so much happy responsibility in wanting to make a comedy together, to give people time off from life after the world went through a really hard time.”

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