When is the sequel coming to Disney+?



Disenchanted is one of Disney’s most awaited series, just like Hocus Pocus 2. Now, 15 years after its release, Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey are back to continue Giselle and Robert’s love story. Here, check if the movie has reached the streaming platform.

Patrick Dempsey, Amy Adams and Gabriella Baldacino in Disenchanted.
© IMDbPatrick Dempsey, Amy Adams and Gabriella Baldacino in Disenchanted.

Giselle and Robert are back! Frustrating will continue princess story and love it Amy Adams And the Patrick Dempsey. Fans had to wait 15 years to get sequelwhere the first installment was released in 2007. Its heroes assured that this time they will make sure not to make the same mistake as before.

But what is it? During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Man of Steel actress confirmed that the sequel will be much more musical than the first. For this reason, the production added two songs for Idina Menzelwho can’t sing fascinatedAnd the “This was the most terrible mistake, she never sang in the first song. She sang twice, and I couldn’t be happier…. I’m cheerful”, Adams said.

One of Menzel’s songs (recognized as one of the biggest Broadway stars for her work on evil) will sing the title The power of love Amy said it was one of her favorite things. “Her song is so beautiful. It’s one of my favorite moments in the movie. She’s Idina, she’s special and she has a beautiful voice.”

Frustrated: where and when to watch the sequel stream (at home)

Frustrated will be coming to Disney+ on November 23So we only have two weeks left until we enjoy the second part, directed by Adam Shankman. The The first installment went to a total of $340.5 million at the box office It is expected that this will not be an exception.

The official summary describes: Fifteen years after the events of Enchanted, Giselle, Robert and Morgan move to the suburbs of Monroeville. Malvina Monroe, a woman with an evil plan for her new neighbors, suddenly interrupts their lasting happiness. Their turbulent entry into the suburbs made Giselle wish for a perfect fantasy life. This decision quickly spirals out of control, and puts everything you care about in jeopardy. Giselle must now save her family and protect the kingdom of Andalusia before midnight.

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