When is the sequel likely to be released?



Black Adam had a lot of mixed reviews, but success didn’t take long, especially after seeing how he related to the rest of DC’s characters. Here, check out when the sequel arrives and more.

Aldis Hodge and Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam.
© IMDbAldis Hodge and Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam.

black Adam Is it new Capital A movie that is expected to have a big box office once it leaves cinemas and arrives in flow a program. The sequel It’s already on the calendar and it looks like the deal has been finalized so far, but there are many factors to analyze first.

The story is starring Dwayne Johnsondepicts how nearly 5,000 years after bestowing the ultimate powers of the Egyptian gods and imprisoning him at the same speed, Black Adam has been released from his earthly grave, ready to unleash his unique form of justice in the modern world.

The character became anti-hero, which received good reviews at the end of the day. on me rotten tomatoes They actually give him a score of 89%, which is pretty high for a DC movie and the superhero universe. The producers have already revealed that planning for the second installment won’t cost much. Prepare for the crowd the rock is back!

Filming for Black Adam 2 could start in four months

producers Hiram Garcia And the Bow Flynn They confirmed what they would do with the sequel during an interview with CB. “TThe second will be faster. It won’t take long. I promise you. We always expect the first domino to be the easiest. We’ll do it quickly, that’s for sureGarcia emphasized, while Flynn added.We will open the magic cart, and the text will be ready very quickly“.

on the other side, Robert Mayer They confirmed that the script was ready for a sequel and even stated that filming could begin in four months if they wanted to, but everything would depend on the profitability of the film. He also revealed that the studio is expecting at least $475 million. So black Adam 2 can sometime 2023 or 2024.

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