When will all the episodes be released?



Cabinet of Curiosities is a new masterpiece by legendary director Guillermo del Toro, who has already released several episodes on Netflix. Here, check how many episodes there are and when the remaining episodes will be released.

Guillermo del Toro's intriguing cabinet
© IMDbGuillermo del Toro’s intriguing cabinet

Guillermo del Toro She is one of the most acclaimed directors A screenwriter in the industry, he is known for his responsibility for great works like Hellboy, Nightmare Alley, The Shape of Water and many more. Now he decided to start with Netflix One of the most Expected series of the yearauthorized Cabinet of curiosity.

As seen previously in his work (as in the movie Scary stories you tell in the dark), has a predominance of dark cinematography, elaborate sets and creations showcasing various apocalyptic concepts. This new contrast promises that and more, as well as being accompanied by an excellent crew.

Stories are based on horror literature With a modern twist and whimsical flair in Lovecraft style. Every night has a different theme and every one of them will give you goosebumps. Here, check out how many episodes the new series will see and when it will be released:

How many rings does Guillermo del Toro’s cabinet have?

The first season of the long-awaited horror series It will contain a total of 8 episodes that tell different stories. So far 4 of them have already been released and each one offers a different narrative framework that will give you goosebumps and won’t let you sleep. here it is List of episodes released so far and what they’re about:

  1. group 36 Directed by Guillermo Navarro
  2. Cemetery of the rats Directed by Vincenzo Natali
  3. anatomy Directed by David Pryor
  4. the outside Directed by Anna Lili Amirpour
  • group 36 It depicts a man who believes that a storage room full of mysterious junk will put an end to his debt problems. But he soon found himself in a deadly and desperate situation.
  • graveyard rats It depicts a tomb thief watching the fortunes of a newcomer in the cemetery. But in order to get it, he has to deal with a maze of tunnels and rats.
  • anatomy Written by David S. Goyer and stars F. Murray Abraham, Glynn Turman, and Luke Roberts. In contrast, it is based on Michael Shea’s play, which chronicles the final work of a terminally ill pathologist.
  • the outside Written by Haley Z. Boston and based on the work of cartoonist Emily Carroll. Kate Micucci and Martin Starr star in the lead roles.

When will all episodes of Guillermo del Toro be released?

still there 4 more episodes will be releasedTwo are released per day during the week. Which means that the next two releases will be released on Thursday, October 27 and the last two on Friday, October 28. Here, check out the following list of episodes and what to talk about:

  • Beckman model Directed by Keith Thomas | October 27.
  • Dreams in the witch’s house Directed by Catherine Hardwicke | October 27.
  • watching Directed by Panos Cosmatos | October 28.
  • grumble Directed by Jennifer Kent | October 28.

Beckman model It is based on a story written by H.P. Lovecraft, which tells the story of Crispin Glover, an illustrator willing to do anything to find inspiration. The episode is written by screenwriter Lee Patterson and stars Ben Barnes.

Dreams in the witch’s house It is also based on Lovecraft’s work and stars many well-known actors. The cast includes Geena Davis from Thelma and Louise, Rupert Grint from Harry Potter and Ishmael Cruz Cordova from The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power.

in watchingThe story was written by the director himself and Aaron Stewart Ann, with Peter Weller playing the title role.

grumble Based on an original story written by Guillermo del Toro and starring Essie Davis, Andrew Lincoln, and Hannah Galway.

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