When will the first-ever Black Friday game be played?



There is a newcomer in the National Football League. Black Friday, a very attractive day for shopping, is coming to the NFL with the first ever game announced soon.

Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs - NFL 2022
© David Yulett / Getty ImagesPatrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs – NFL 2022

All NovemberAnd the Americans Happy with the festivities they celebrate from year to year. Currently, Black Friday It will be merged with football as NFL Announce when the first game with this name will be played.

The National Football League He is always looking for new ways to surprise the audience. Games outside the US are a good example because they are very different from what fans are used to.

Now, with a different schedule with more matches to be played, the NFL Added a new event: black friday game. Here are all the details about it and how to watch it in the US.

NFL Black Friday: When will the first ever game be played?

The National Football League Announce a new exciting event that will surely grab everyone’s attention. Black Friday He will have his own game and now there will be a new day of the week football activity.

The First ever NFL Black Friday game scheduled to happen Friday 24 November 2023 With the expected kick-off of 3 p.m. (Eastern time). The participating teams will be announced once the 2023 schedule is released.

That wasn’t the only news the NFL had. Black Friday will be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video Thanks to the success in Thursday night football Games, so there will be consecutive days on this platform starting in 2023.

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