When will the second part of Season 4 be released?



Netflix has released the first episodes of the final season of Manifest and there is still another push to see how the story that has gripped audiences for 4 years will turn out. Here, check out when the second part will be released.

Manifest, Season 4.
© IMDbManifest, Season 4.

It’s time, fans! Countdown to the end existing I started. The famous fourth season Netflix And the Jeff Rick Series almost did not happen because NBCThe network that presented the first three releases decided to cancel it after the third release. The release of Part Two will be the final installment of episodes and it’s time to say goodbye to the characters.

The program tells the story of how a group of people, after Air Montego Flight 828 On Earth, they discover that they have not been in the air for a few hours as they thought, but have been lost for five years. When they meet with their family and friends, they discover that they have certain powers to see things and more.

Many compare the series, starring Josh Dallas And the Melissa Roxburgh, to loss. Rake production is expected to take the title of best science fiction dramaIt grabbed the attention of thousands of viewers right from the start. When the streaming platform saved the network’s previous show from falling apart, fans showed how excited they were for another trip with the crew.

‘Manifest’ Season 4: When will the final episodes be released?

The first part of last season is already available in the Netflix catalog, so now there are only 10 episodes available. While The second part will only arrive in 2023 to the broadcast platform.

Season 4 has been split into two parts in order to thrill fans who have been waiting for this moment. In total there are 20 episodes And soon we will know how the story about the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight ends in 2014.

Is the manifest based on a true story?

No, Manifest is not based on the true story of the journey. However, there is a connection between the case and the series. Presenter Jeff Rick admitted during an interview with SYFY that air tragedy plays a key role in the show, other than the fact that the idea for the show came before it even happened.

Rick mentioned that the idea came to him during a family trip to the Grand Canyon while he was thinking about “collective work” and “breaking up.” Tried to combine a concept between ideas but to no avail at the time. When the flight disappeared, he felt his idea became more realistic. The show director says that “in the context of Malaysia Airlines” people are starting to get interested in reviving the series’ complex chronology and puzzles.

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