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New Year, New Halloween and New Treehouse from The Simpsons. This time around, the iconic series will become an anime and will be a parody of the classic and dark Japanese manga, featuring a demon as the main character. Here, check out how to watch the episode while it’s streaming.

Lisa Warwick in The Simpsons.
© Tweet embedLisa Warwick in The Simpsons.

The Simpsons has it before 34 seasons It has been on the air since 1989, making it the longest-running series in television history. It has a tradition of making specials for Halloween, titled creepy tree house, where they adapt different horrific stories. Now, it’s the turn of the famous classic: death note.

The manga created by Tsugumi Ōba and Takeshi Obata will participate in the world’s most famous family show. Matt Groening was the cartoonist and responsible for the appearances of Lisa, Homer, Marge, Bart and Maggie. Time to see a new Simpsons style parody.

It’s the first time the format of the show has been immersed in anime and what better way to do it than with a great classic horror movie like Ryuk’s story. The episode will also include a segment dedicated to Babadook And another with a parody of the HBO series Westworld.

The Simpsons: What will the special Death Note be talking about?

Special Death Note Marks Tree House of Horror No. XXXIII And the show will change its style in a part that we will see in it Lisa became the owner of the notebook. This part of the episode was animated by Korean animation studio DR Movie.

This isn’t the first cross between The Simpsons, Tsugumi Ōba, and Takeshi Obata storyline. In 2008 the artist Nina Space Coyote Matsumoto became famous for her many anime-style arts in the series. She ended up publishing an official parody of the annual Treehouse of Horror sitcom, so this new chapter is going to be inspired by that comic.

The official summary of the episode reads:In the book’s titled trilogy, Marge’s resentment takes massive form, Lisa attempts to save the planet through an anime killing spree and in a clip that breaks Matt Groening’s biggest rule: Homer knows he’s not the man he thought he was.“.

The Simpsons: Where and how do you watch the Death Note special live?

There are several episodes of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror that are among the best in the show’s history, and some of them are like parodies of The Shining or Homer 3D. Last weekend, the sitcom was released Tree House of Horror Presents: Not Himan iconic version of the horror master Stephen King’s novel.

Now, fans will finally be able to watch a parody of one of the most popular horror classics in the community. Treehouse of Horror will premiere at Death Note on October 30, 2022 at 8PM EST on FOX. In the event that you do not have a cable and want to watch it via broadcast, It will be available to watch fuboTV (Free trial for 1 week) and Hulu on October 31A day after it was broadcast on the channel.

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