Where Is John Balcerzak Now? Jeffrey Dahmer’s Arresting Officer Got His Job Back After Being Fired


If you watch Jeffrey Dahmer’s new Netflix series, monster – Dahmer, You already know that the notorious serial killer carried out 17 murders over a period of more than 10 years before he was arrested in July 1991. As the series depicts, Dahmer’s violent record It would have ended earlier that summer—with five of its victims saved—had it not been for the action (or lack thereof) of responding officers John Balcerzak and Joseph Gabrich.

In the second episode of the Dahmer series, my neighbor Glenda Cleveland Her family members expressed concern about 14-year-old Konrac Synthasomphon, who showed up outside Dahmer’s apartment, drugged and undressed. Dahmer explained the child’s behavior by saying that he was drunk and claiming that they lived together as partners. Despite Konyrac’s case, Belcerzak and Gebrich eventually believed Dahmer, who went on to kill Konyrac shortly after their departure, According to the Associated Press.

The episode also shows the actual 911 call between Cleveland and Balcerzak, in which the officer repeatedly insisted that Konerak was an adult. “I can’t do anything about someone’s sexual preferences in life,” he said, after which Cleveland made it clear that she was only concerned about the boy being a minor.

according to Washington Post Balsarzak and Ghobrish were expelled for not bringing the “apparently helpless child into protective custody” once Dahmer’s crimes were revealed months later. (In real life, a third officer, Richard Boropkan, was also involved and was suspended but not fired.) “At the time, with the information we had—to this day I think we did the right thing, the best we could,” Balcerzak told WTMJ of Milwaukee in 1991.

By the time the officers were returned to the force in 1994 — and given $55,000 each — Balcerzak had become the owner of the bar, according to the Associated Press. It’s not clear if Balcerzak is still running this business, but he has continued to serve as chief of the Milwaukee Police Union, according to Milwaukee Magazine. Balcerzak’s leadership was criticized in a 2008 opinion piece published on the magazine’s website, claiming that the officer[had] They didn’t do much to let young people and the minority know that he cares.”

Balcerzak stopped working as a police officer after retiring in 2017, According to the WTMJ. The Milwaukee Police Department congratulated Sirzac on his retirement, for every Newsweek, Although their tweet was apparently deleted after facing criticism in 2020 protests against police brutality.

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