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Who are Joshua Roy’s parents? Find out below | A professional ice hockey athlete from Canada, he was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in the fifth round of the NHL draft entry in 2021. As the 150th overall pick, he was considered an athlete with potential.

As a result of his hard work, he climbed to seventh place in 2022 from 22nd place last year. He is considered a star sports by NHL fans.

Joshua Roy wiki

Who are Joshua Roy’s parents – mother Sandra and father Pauline

Josh was born in Saint-Georges-de-Boss, Canada, on August 6, 2003. Pauline is his father, and Sandra is his mother who has supported and trusted him throughout his life.

While the young athlete has kept his personal and family life away from his career, he remembers their sacrifice and support. In an interview with the NHL in March, he thanked his brothers Charles Etienne and Jacob, as well as his parents, who helped him succeed.

During his younger days, the rising star admitted that he wasn’t working hard. His support from everyone helped him develop, even though he wasn’t doing his best.

Furthermore, he said that he did not wish to change anything in the past as it was a lesson to him, which helped him become a better person.

One of the biggest heights of the 19-year-old athlete has attracted more attention. In the 2021 NHL Draft, he was selected in the fifth round. Over time, he has been able to keep up with the pace and has evolved into a double-threat offensive player.

previous life

Despite keeping his personal and family life separate from his professional life, the young athlete will never forget the sacrifices they made for him. During an interview with the NHL in March, he thanked his parents and siblings Charles Etienne and Jacob for helping him succeed.

Despite his budding talent, he did not put much effort into singing when he was younger. To mature into a better person, he freely admits that everyone’s support was paramount.

He also said that he wouldn’t change anything that happened in the past, but it was a lesson that helped him become a better person. There is nothing he wants to change.

During his 19th year, the athlete gained additional attention and became even more popular. He was selected in the fifth round of the 2021 National Hockey League Draft. He quickly became involved with other players and developed into a double-threat offensive player once play began.

Joshua Roy net worth

There is no information available regarding Joshua Roy Net’s net worth but his net worth should be in the millions.

Joshua Roy’s education

After obtaining his secondary education at King’s School, Macclesfield, he attended Merton College, Oxford. Graduated in 1942 with a double major in modern history and theology. He became a trustee at St Mary’s, Portsea, after completing his studies at St Stephen’s House.

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