Who are the remaining houseguests in F3?



The countdown to the final episode of Big Brother 24 has begun. We finally have a hero and a favorite from America after nearly twelve weeks of waiting. Here we tell you which contestants are still in competition.

Taylor, Turner and Monty in Big Brother 2022.
© Tweet embedTaylor, Turner and Monty in Big Brother 2022.

Big Brother 24 It’s coming to an end and on Sunday, September 25, the final episode will be shown, where we’ll see different Competitions That those still at home would have to pass. first round of HOH It has already been decided and the remaining HGs will have to compete for a place in R3.

With nearly twelve weeks indoors, guests have come a long way until today. We’ve had many unforgettable moments such as Pooch’s departure, Kyle’s betrayal of Joseph, Taylor’s race and true love interests, the willing departure of Paloma and the list can go on and on. Now is the time to wait until Sunday and enjoy the last moments of chaos and tension.

Remember that you can stream the show live fuboTV (Free 7-day trial) and watch the live broadcast at Paramount +, which offers a one-week free trial to see all the footage, and then a subscription costs just $4.99 per month. There you can watch all the content that CBS can’t show on TV, like fights, romance, and everything captured by the four live cameras.

Big Brother 24: Who are the rest of the HGs?

After Thursday’s episode was kicked out, we saw how Alyssa was Eminence who had to leave the house to join the jury. This determined who has cemented himself as the continuing racer in F3. Battle Turner, Monty, and Taylor to become the rivals that keep the game going for a prize of $750,000.

on the other side, Vote for America’s Favorite Now available on the official CBS website. All contestants who were at the Big Brother house during Season 24 are eligible and the winner will receive two prizes: $50,000 and a week-long cruise for two.

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