Who is the White Worm actress in House of the Dragon?


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Episode 9 of House of the Dragon featured Mysaria exactly as “The White Worm,” and it put her in a very interesting position for what was to come next. Here, check out everything you need to know about the actress who plays her.

Sonaya Mizuno
© Gareth Cattermole / Getty ImagesSonaya Mizuno

Season 1 of games of thrones‘ spin off Dragon House” Almost finished, with only one episode left. However, the offer has already been renewed for the second season, Known as the civil war “Dance of Dragons” It is just the beginning. One of the main characters of the upcoming events mesariaAlso known as the “white worm”. Here, check out everything we know about the actress who plays her, Sonoya Mizuno.

Fans first saw Messiria as one of the evil He has a mistress (Matt Smith), but after feeling betrayed by him (when he tries to steal a dragon’s egg saying she was expecting his child), she becomes the White Worm, who controls the lucrative network of spies in King’s Landing. In the last episode, we saw her help Otto find her Egon.

Mizuno told WWD, her character was a departure from the books. “I felt like she was going on a journey to understand who she was and what she wanted in her life, and to make mistakes,” I explained about it mesaria. But who is Mizuno? Check out everything you want to know.

What is Sonaya Mizuno’s ethnicity?

Mizuno was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1986, but grew up there Somerset, England. She is a trainee dancer from the Royal School of Ballet and danced with several bands before jumping into acting.

Who are Sonaya Mizonos’ parents?

According to her Wikipedia page, her mother is half British and half Argentine her father’s lineage Japanese. She has five siblings: Saya, Ginya, Maria, Mia, and Tomoya. Besides acting and dancing, she also started professional modeling.

Sonaya Mizuno Movies and TV Shows

Mizuno has had minor roles in films such as La La Land, Beauty and the Beast, and Crazy Rich Asians. However, she is best known for starring in the mini series Maniac on Netflix. After “House of the Dragon”, you will appear in the movie “I’m fine?,” It is directed by Tig Notaro, and will be available on HBO Max.

Does Sonaya Mizuno Own Social Media?

not the actress He does not have any social media. In an interview with Wire, she admitted that she did not follow through on responding online to the series. “Of course, I realize people will be interested to see what we’ve definitely done,” she says.

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