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Season 22 of The Voice will continue with a three-way knockout. The coaches will determine the top 16 who will perform at the live performances. Here, check out the spoilers and who won.

Camila Cabello in The Voice 2022
© Twitter: @NBCTheVoiceCamila Cabello in The Voice 2022

Battle rounds It’s over and now it’s time to Knockout! season 22 From the sound It will continue this week, as the rest of the artists try to find a place in the live performances, where the audience will be the ones to decide their future.

The remaining 36 contestants are vying for a record deal with Universal Music Group and $100,000. However, for the first time ever, it would be the final blow between three artists, instead of two. Coaches will only have to choose one.

this timeGwen Stefani: famous American singer. Blake SheltonCamila Cabello And the john legend They will not have a huge teacher to help them train the contestants. You can watch all episodes of The Voice live fuboTV (Free trial in the US), and stream it on peacock. Check out all the spoilers for the knockout.

The Voice 2022 spoilers: Who won by knockout?

Unlike battle rounds, where the two duos sing the same song, this time around three artists will sing three different songs head-on and only one winner. However, each coach will have the opportunity to steal a rider who has been eliminated from another team. Check out all the spoilers, according to MjsBigBlog.

Camila Cabello’s team

Davex vs. Andrew Egbokedi vs. Stephen McMorran – Winner: Devix
Eric Ho vs. Jayden Locke vs. Rina Lee – Winner: Eric Ho
Morgan Miles vs Cello vs Orlando Mendes – Winner: Morgan Miles
Kate Calvatsch (stolen from Blake)

Blake Shelton team

Boddy vs Kevin Hawkins vs Dries – Winner: Bodhi/ Gwen stole Kevin
Brayden Lab vs. Austin Montgomery vs. Eva Ullman – Winner: Brayden Lab
Bryce Leatherwood vs. Kate Calvash vs. Jay Allen – Winner: Press/ Kate stole from Camila
Grace (stolen from Gwen)

John Legend Team

Omar Cardona vs. Ian Harrison vs. Morgan Taylor – Winner: Omar
Barrigita Pastola vs Peyton Aldridge vs Valary Collins Harding – Winner: Barigita
Kim Cruise vs. Emma Brooke vs. Marlins – Winner: Kim
Sasha Hurtado (stolen from Gwen)

Gwen Stefani’s team

Alyssa Witrado vs Sasha Hurtado vs Daizia Rhino – Winner: AlyssaJohn stole Sasha
Justin Aaron vs. Kara Brindisi vs. Kayla von der Heide – Winner: Justin
Kick Gomez vs. Rowan Grace vs. Rowan vs. Destiny Lilia – Winner: Kiki/ Rowan was stolen by Blake
Kevin Hawkins (Stolen from Blake)

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