Who won the Final HOH Round 1?



Only one day and hours left to find out the winner of Big Brother season 24 and who is America’s favorite guest. Here we tell you who the new HOH is up to now.

Monty, Taylor, and Turner.
© Big Brother NetworkMonty, Taylor, and Turner.

Thursday’s live show revealed who was the last guest to be evicted from Big Brother 24. This time it was Brittany’s turn to say goodbye to the house that had been open to her for about 12 weeks. Now, with F3settled, the last three HOH . competitions The season will start.

Round one features a typical ability competition and the winner gets a guaranteed spot in Round Three, while the two remaining hosts face off again for second place on the last night of Sunday, September 25.

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Big Brother 24: Who’s the New Huh?

Turner wins the first roundWhich means Monty and Taylor will have to compete in the second round. Turner will then face the R2 winner in Round 3. We’ll soon find out if Monty regrets sending Brittany out of the starting gate during Thursday’s round.

Even if Turner makes good on her promise to save Monty, it’s never a good idea to count on someone else, and even less so when there’s only one prize money winner this year. The R1 includes spinning, something Turner thought he would lose, but surprised himself. It’s time for him to sit back and wait until Sunday night, when he’ll have to fight for his place in the final.

That’s all we’ll see from now on in terms of future events. there No more nominations, no veto power. Today, thanks to livestreams and spoilers, he will reveal the winner of R2 who will see his way to the final stage of the final episode.

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