Why are Colombia not in the FIFA World Cup?


Qatar 2022

The Colombian national team is one of the most talented teams in the world, but they will not be in Qatar 2022. Read on to find out why this team did not qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

James Rodriguez is one of the stars who will not play in Qatar 2022
© Gabriel Aponte / Getty ImagesJames Rodriguez is one of the stars who will not play in Qatar 2022

Colombia Had to wait for a large number of years before returning to world Cup. Their savior in this regard was the Argentine coach Jose PekermanWho helped them qualify? Brazil 2014. They were able to repeat this feat by appearing in Russia 2018 To participate in successive editions. Even though they couldn’t turn it into three in a row because they wouldn’t be Qatar 2022.

Their journey was completely different on the way to the future world Cup. The Colombian national team suffered from the beginning This has continued in all 18 CONMEBOL qualifiers. Multiple appointments to the position of coach led to the instability of a team that used to play in big stages.

Although this line ended in a very dramatic way. In the latest version, they can save the 4th place that got them to world Cup previous to Peru. This time the story ended very differently for Colombia, who almost achieved success. Here you will find out what happened to this team that did not qualify for Qatar 2022.

Why did Colombia not qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

Unlike other World Cup qualifiers around the world, the South American qualifiers are pretty straightforward. there 10 participants face each other twice, with a home game and another on the road. After those 18 games are over, The first four teams qualify directly and the fifth goes to the play-off battle To get to the big tournament.

Columbia, unfortunately, couldn’t even finish in that spot. They were carried away by their irregular journey Sixth in the ranking, so they barely missed the cut. To make things even more hurt, she was fair One point behind Peru for this extra chance. The beginning of the competition is what finally sealed their faith.

The national team managed to limit its participation to two consecutive victories, although it was already too late. The match that cost Colombia its ticket to Qatar 2022 took place without a doubt 15 round. at that time, They were hosting Peru, but they lost 1-0 with a goal scored in the 85th minute. Altogether, this is the reason why they did not participate in the World Cup.

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