Why are Nigeria not in the FIFA World Cup?


Qatar 2022

Nigeria is one of the best teams in Africa today and in history. They are rarely left out of the top national team competitions, but this year they will not be present in Qatar and here we tell you why.

Cyril Desires (left) and Term Movi (right) of Nigeria laugh before a match against Ecuador
© Tim Nwachukwu/Getty ImagesCyril Desires (left) and Term Movi (right) of Nigeria laugh before a match against Ecuador

If we talk about great teams in Africa, Nigeria It is undoubtedly one of those that you should not miss. In the historical table of world cups They are 29th out of 79th, best position for an African team. However, they will not be in Qatar Here we tell you why. And start preparing for World Cup 2022Try the simulation over here.

Nigeria He’s had great teams throughout history, participating in 6 world cups Even today. Since 1994, the year they first qualified, they have played in all editions except Germany 2006reached the Round of 16 on three of those occasions: 1994, 1998 and 2014. All three performances were the team’s best historical performance.

Great players like Augustine Akkosha and Ahmed Moussa The team’s goal scorer all the time Rashidi Yekini They were part of some Nigerian teams. For several years, players from this country have been part of different European teams, making their absence Qatar Everything is more surprising.

Why did Nigeria not qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

The African qualifiers consist of the following: After an initial qualifying phase, which includes the less fortunate teams FIFA Ranking, 44 teams advance to the group stage. In total there are 10 groups with four members each. There they play against everyone in the home and away matches.

Only the leaders of each group advance to the final stage. Nigeria They made it to the group stage and actually won, group C. Among the ten leaders, the series are drawn and Nigeria was on the definition against Ghana. In the first leg, the Nigerians tied 0-0 away. But then at home, they tied again, but this time 1-1, with the away goal, the Ghanaians earned their place. Qatar and eliminate it Nigeria.

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