Why are Peru not in the FIFA World Cup?


Qatar 2022

One of the most improved national teams in CONMEBOL, he was unable to reach the World Cup Finals for the second time in a row. Here is the Peruvian journey where their failed quest to travel to Qatar took place.

Christian Cueva from Peru
© Pedro Villa / Getty ImagesChristian Cueva from Peru

historically, Peru Not part of the best teams in CONMEBOL. However, the Peruvians proved how hard and hard they fought for their ticket to World Cup 2022 in Qatar. In fact, they have benefited from a huge golden generation composed by Christian Cueva, Raul Ruídias, Andre Carrillo and many more. grab these players Two huge monuments for Peru which has not been seen at least in 40 years.

In the last 11 years, Peru has been yanked twice third placeAnd once second place In the Copa Americabeing 2019 Copa America In Brazil, the last time in a final. As well as four times in the semi-final stage out of five tournaments played. Most of them are led by the Argentine coach Ricardo Garecawhich really changed how it works Peru national team Developed as a team.

their quest for World Cup 2018 It was the closing stage of that golden generation that faced France, Denmark And the Tunisia in the group stage. but, Peru She could not achieve any victories in Russia. Throughout their journey for 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Peru felt her transition to a new generation of players, who could not meet the challenge.

Why did Peru not qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

as the current file format CONMEBOL It hasn’t changed since 1998 World Cup QualifiersAnd the Peru He knew that home matches were the most important in order to be placed at the top of the standings. However, the team he managed at that time by Ricardo Gareca started the playoffs with him 3 lossesAnd the One win overAnd the single lottery At the National Stadium in Lima.

back home, Peru pick up Wins Both indoors and outdoors, but other findings weren’t helpful for Peruvians. At one point, the qualifiers were pretty crazy at least Five matches They were fighting for Two or three rehabilitation centers in order. That’s when Peru grabbed a good performance with 3 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw In the last five qualifying matches.

After qualifying, Peru snatched fifth place in the standings, giving it a re-ranking match against the fourth-round winner from Asia, which in this case was New Zealand. This match was played in Doha, in Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium. After 120 minutes, Peru and New Zealand went to a penalty shootout, in which Peru lost 5-4.

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