Why did Nets suspend Kyrie Irving and for how long?



Kyrie Irving’s 2022 NBA season wasn’t the best and it just got worse. The Brooklyn Nets decided to suspend their star and here’s why.

Kyrie Irving - Brooklyn Nets - NBA 2022
© Elsa / Getty ImagesKyrie Irving – Brooklyn Nets – NBA 2022

Where Kyrie Irving signed with BrooklynEveryone expected huge matches from the base. Unfortunately, what he gave to Networks Are more headaches and not good results, so the team has now decided to stop the star.

Brooklyn locker room It is nowadays one of the most difficult ways to control it. As proof of this, Steve Nash The net decided to take different paths after 2-5 start In the 2022 season because he could not manage the players properly.

but now, Brooklyn He has a bigger problem that needs to be resolved ASAP: Keri Irving’s behavior. The rule seems to be focusing more on what happens off the field, and now he won’t be able to worry about his team’s performance after being suspended before. Networks.

Why did the Nets comment Kyrie Irving and for how long?

The Brooklyn Networks Enough of Keri Irving behavior position. After a lot of controversial actions during covid-19 pandemicThe rule ended with the team’s patience in 2022.

in the last days, Keri Irving Use his Twitter account to post Antisemitic comments. NBA Networks Try to convince him to apologizebut the rule refused, and now he has to accept the consequences.

“We were horrified today, When she gets the chance In an information session, that Kerry refused to say unequivocally that he had no anti-Semitic beliefs, and does not recognize certain hateful material in the movie. This wasn’t the first time he had the opportunity – but failed – to explain,” he said. Curling said through a statement.

The movie the team is referring to is 2018 Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black AmericaDirected by Ronald Dalton Jr.who says there is a file The secret gang of the Jewish people that controls the world community and that The Holocaust was a hoax. Irving tweeted a link to the movie on his official account.

“Such a failure to disavow anti-Semitism when given a clear opportunity to do so is deeply troubling, is against the values ​​of our organization, and constitutes detrimental team behaviour. Accordingly, we consider that he is currently ineligible to join Brooklyn Networks. We decided that Kerry will serve comment without pay until he meets a series of objective remedial measures that address the harmful effect of his behavior and The suspension period is not less than five matches,” The team added.

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