Why did people hate Anne Hathaway? The actress addresses the online backlash


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Anne Hathaway was a victim of online hate in 2013 when she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her work in Les Miserables. Nearly ten years later, I spoke about the experience and what I learned from it.

American actress Anna Hathaway
© Charlie Galley/Getty Images for ELLEAmerican actress Anna Hathaway

American actress Anna Hathaway Will star in the future “The Time of Armageddon” with Jeremy Strongand most recently was one of the honorees for Elle Women in Hollywood. While she enjoyed “Renaissance,” The actress also recalled a time when she was not loved by the audience.

In 2013, the Court of Public Opinion determined that Hathaway was hated. Although she achieved incredible success during Awards season (It won Golden Globes, SAG, BAFTA, and Academy Award for Les Miserables), the internet was more concerned with its “unoriginality,” and every little act added fueled the hatred of the so-called “Hathaters.”

Just like other women in the industry, Hathaway She was hated for being “too perfect” and “too happy”, and of course for enjoying her success. However, speaking to Elle Women in Hollywood, she was 39-year-old actress I took up the issue and shared what I learned from that time.

Anne Hathaway on being hated: ‘I don’t have room for it anymore’

During the 29th Annual ELLE Conference for Women in Hollywood at the Getty Center, Hathaway said that Ten years ago, I had a chance to look at the hate language of A new perspective,” She told the audience, which included other honorees Olivia Wilde, Sidney Sweeney, Ariana DeBose, and others. Then she continued:

“When your self-inflicted pain is suddenly somehow amplified again at, say, the full volume of the Internet… it’s a thing. When it happened, I realized that I had no desire to have anything to do with this kind of energy. at any level. I no longer create art from this place. I no longer have space for her, I live in fear of her, I don’t speak her language for whatever reason. to anyone. Including me.”

She also said that there are “a lot of people” in “Hollywood and beyond who are really, really, really working hard to make a better culture.” However, Hathaway wasn’t the only one who received hate online. Olivia Wilde She also shared her own experience during the “Don’t Worry Baby” press tour. Sydney Sweeneywho was criticized for a family gathering with apparently racist symbols.

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