Why did the Man Utd star change the ‘Siu’?



It looks like Cristiano Ronaldo is back. During the fifth round of the 2022-23 season in the European League, the Manchester United star scored again and set up a new celebration, and changed his famous name “Seo”, and here is his explanation.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Manchester United - UEFA Europa League 22-23
© Naomi Baker / Getty ImagesCristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United – UEFA Europa League 22-23

Round 5 subordinate 2022-23 UEFA Europa League The season was perfect for Cristiano Ronaldo. Manchester United star It was a start against Sherif And the Scored. he did New celebrationleaving behind fame “Seo” And here’s why.

This year wasn’t the best for him Cristiano Ronaldo. Unfortunately, he had big problems with Manchester United It is no longer the undisputed beginning, but in European League It is a different situation.

to match against Sherif in Old Trafford, Portugal featured in Eric Ten Hag Starting from the eleventh. Help his team win the match record once, but he did different celebration And the masses are asking why.

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo change the “SEO” and what is the explanation for his new celebration?

despite of Cristiano Ronaldo He doesn’t play much in the Premier League, Eric Ten Hag Gives him more minutes in European League. The match started against Sherifwith high hopes about the possibility of registering again.

after many attempts , Cristiano Ronaldo Complete his mission at the end of the game. The Portuguese striker received a pass in the penalty area, attempted a header, and, after blocking the goalkeeper, is Push the ball with the left leg to score The third goal of the match.

Famous fans expect “Seo” From the attacker, but he changed it. Cristiano Ronaldo Run to the corner and celebrate He closes his eyes and puts his hands on his chest. Very different from what he used to do.

But this new celebration has an explanation. According to the official Manchester United website, the move is a He nodded to his sleeping position when traveling with the band. His teammates have talked about this and that Self-deprecating joke It proves that players have really strong bonds between them.

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