Why didn’t Valencia’s Nico Gonzalez play against Barcelona?



Last Saturday, Valencia faced Barcelona in the 12th round of the 2022-23 La Liga season. Nico Gonzalez was one of the biggest missing names, but there’s a reason he didn’t play against his former club.

Nico Gonzalez - Valencia - La Liga 22-23
© Dennis Doyle/Getty ImagesNico Gonzalez – Valencia – La Liga 22-23

Valencia And the Barcelona make a deal for Nico Gonzalez on loan with bat until 2023. Unfortunately, the midfielder didn’t show up for their game last Saturday, but there’s a reason not everyone knows it.

no masia One of the best places to find young talent. Barcelona achieved a The school Which dominate the youth categories, but of course not everyone can make it to the first team.

One of those cases is Nico Gonzalez. The talent is there Barcelona He knows it, which is why they offered him on loan and never sold him, in the hope that one day he will be able to return in style to Catalonia.

Why did not play Nico Gonzalez of Valencia against Barcelona?

Round 12 of the 2022-23 La Liga season He made a very interesting match between Valencia and Barcelona. The Bloggranas won with a late goal Robert Lewandowskibut the missing big name was from the side of the bat.

Nico Gonzalez On loan with Valencia until 2023. He started his career in Barcelonabut was the Spanish midfielder Unable to earn a place in Xavi’s team That is why he left this year.

But there is a problem with this loan. When Barcelona and Valencia reached an agreement on the midfielder, the Bloggranas cheeky mode item. Bats cannot use their player against them or they must pay an amount 100 thousand euros – 300 thousand euros expenses for them.

This was the real reason Nico Gonzalez did not appear on the bench with Valencia. he is He is scheduled to return to Barcelona in the summer of 2023However, it is uncertain whether his club would be willing to buy him at a specific level.

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