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Taylor Swift’s music video for “Anti-Hero,” the lead single on her tenth album “Midnights,” has received a backlash from Twitter users and it appears the singer has responded by changing one scene. You have to hear the full story.

Taylor Swift vs Champion music video
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Taylor Swift He might be a true anti-hero, after all. Recently released by the singer Tenth album “Midnights” Which broke Spotify’s streaming record in one day, and with it also released the video for the title song “Against the hero,” Which drew criticism for one scene…and the singer may have responded by deleting it. You have to hear the full story.

Swift, 32, explained that Anti-Hero was a song about her biggest fear. She wrote and directed the music video in which she plays her own Nightmare scenarios and intrusive thoughts She wrote in an Instagram post to promote the song.

In the Song She sings about having nightmares about her daughter-in-law (fictionally) killing her, or “being a monster on a hill.” However, while the tune contains meditative lyrics about her fears and a lot of self-loathing, some people think there may be one scene. “Fat phobia.”

Why do people call Swift “obesity phobia” and how did she respond

According to Twitter users, and confirmed by Variety, the music video for “Anti-Hero” on Apple Music has been edited so it won’t be shown. Quick step on the scale that says “Fat”. Now, in the scene she and her bad clone appear with a disappointed face. On YouTube, the shot is still visible.

According to Variety, neither Swift nor Apple responded to their request for comment. However, the move appears to have been in response to the backlash it received from some Twitter users, who considered that its use of the word “fat” in this context indicated that it negative thing.

In her Netflix documentary “Miss Americana” (2020)Swift has opened up for the first time about dealing with an eating disorder in the past. I made it clear that there were times, “It’s only happened a few times, and I’m in no way proud of it,” When you see a picture of her “Where I feel like my tummy was too big, or…someone said I looked pregnant…and it would just make me a little hungry— Just stop eating.”

Anti-hero isn’t the only song on the album that reflects this. in “You’re yours, boy.” she sings: “I hosted parties that starved my body / As if I was going to be saved with a perfect kiss.” As you say in the introductory course “I’m looking at the party for better bodies,” Which seemed to indicate that her body wasn’t good enough.

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