Why is the WR attacking his former Buccaneers teammate?



Tom Brady isn’t having a great moment right now and Antonio Brown is another problem he has to deal with. WR was attacking his former Buccaneers teammate, but why?

Antonio Brown (left), Tom Brady (right) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - NFL 2021
© Patrick Smith / Getty ImagesAntonio Brown (left), Tom Brady (right) – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – NFL 2021

if Divorce from Gisele Bundchen was not enough, Tom Brady You have to deal with another problem: Antonio Brown. Recently, his ex pirate His teammate was attacking the quarterback and fans were wondering why the wide receiver would do it.

Tom Brady He is known for being a very calm person and not a problematic player. Throughout his career, he’s had a lot of teammates and just about everyone talks about great things about the midfielder, except for Antonio Brown.

The wide receiver is the opposite Brady. Unfortunately, problems are part of his personality. Now, he used to TB12 like his The main goal is to throw stones at him And start a fight with.

Why is Antonio Brown bothering Tom Brady lately?

Tom Brady He’s known to be a guy with a temper, but he’s not a problem at all. Unfortunately, there are those who take advantage of it and Antonio Brown He is one of those.

The Reverse Do you wide future, who was under the spotlight for being rude to his coaches, teammates, friends and family. But even though he has problems with almost everyone, it was a huge surprise when he was Tom Brady attacked.

When Brady Arrived to Tampa Bayit was known that he wanted to include Antonio BrownWorld Health Organization Met in New England in 2019. with the patriotsAnd the TB12 even offered him a room in his house To stay while looking for a place to live.

fate Reunite in pirates in 2020. They won Energy Together, Brown seemed to really appreciate what Brady had done for him, but two years later, the wide receiver attacked him fiercely.

When Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Began to have problems, which led to their divorceBrown began posting photos on Twitter disturbing the midfielder. He joked about their relationship with pictures that suggested he would “replace him”.

Patrick Pete David He talked to Brown about this situation and asked him why Brady became his enemy when his quarterback helped him so much. “it is what it is,” The former wide receiver replied.

Recently, Brown He mocked Brady’s divorce sell merchandise. “This is a charity shirt to raise money for orphaned children,” Brown told Bet-David- “It’s a T-shirt to raise money from a real moment that happened. How does that get there?” Because they are going through a divorce? People go through things every day, man.”

Everything with Brown is uncertain, but this situation is more than that. Brady helped him twice and now the wide receiver has turned his back on him. This is the type of player coaches should avoid and it’s no surprise why.

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