Why Prince George Can’t Fly with Prince William When He Turns 12


In case you haven’t noticed, there was All kinds of drama with Prince William and Kate Middleton Regarding the amount of time they used the Royal Helicopter to transport their families from their country home to London. You know, just a normal person’s problems!

TLDR quick on this issue? The Queen recently made it clear that she is of all kinds no They want Cambridge as a family unit to fly frequently for safety reasons, and they “defyed” her orders and did so anyway for a quick vacation. Now the queencall upWilliam and Kate went to the palace to chat.

But there are already some royal protocols – about who can fly whost And at what age – that would make it virtually impossible for George to fly with William in just a few years. Basically, two or more heirs to the throne are not supposed to travel together in order to protect the monarchy, but according to ExpressQueen Elizabeth can bypass the rule for young children – and she has done so with Prince George in the past.

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but! Once Prince George turns 12, the Queen can no longer bypass protocol, and he and Prince William literally won’t be able to fly in a plane together – without exception. This is also the case for William and Prince Charles, who are traveling separately, as well as Charles and his mother, the Queen.

Anyway, a few more details about the drama with Her Majesty and Cambridge: Apparently Wells and Kate were seen boarding a helicopter with their children after the Queen told them not to use it much, royal expert Neil Sean said ‘When Prince William and Catherine return from a short break, They will be summoned to Windsor to explain the reason for their actions.”

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