Why Real Madrid will wear Captain America warm-up shirt against Girona?


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During the pre-match preparation period for the October 30 match against Girona, Real Madrid will wear the Captain America jersey and the Avengers heavy shirt. Here, find out why.

Real Madrid x Captain America
© adidas.comReal Madrid x Captain America

Real MadridLa Liga champions, now top the standings after a perfect regular season cut short in Champions League. The Whites have scored 31 points in the league so far, with 10 wins and 11 draws.

Carlo Ancelotti’s players started the season perfectly, but suffered their first loss of the 2022/23 season in the fifth round of the UEFA Champions League against Leipzig 3-2. Because of this setback, they are eager to fix things this weekend. With one of the season’s weakest opponents on their way, they stand an excellent chance of winning.

The current status of Girona He is 18, which is the lowest possible position at the moment. They are now in a precarious position in the standings with 9 points, one point lower than Almeria, Seville, Getafe and Espanyol. A surprise victory over the La Liga winners would move them to a more favorable position.

The reason why Real Madrid wore the captain America warm-up shirt

Recently, news spread that Los Blancos players will be wearing shirts with a shirt captain america logo. They do so under the terms of their sponsorship agreement with Adidas company.

Marvel has been a global phenomenon since its inception, inspiring generations beyond the original comic’s target audience of young readers to form an emotional connection with their favorite sports teams via shared memories. Considering Real Madrid’s standing as The pinnacle of these clubsThis would be a promotional arrangement of sorts, allowing the club to recruit more fans and showcase the comedian.

This choice was made because the shape protected by the Vibranium shield is the most straightforward in all of the Marvel comics, and has a similar feel to Los Blancos in international football. October 30 will see the team don T-shirts and T-shirts with Marvel superhero Captain America before the match against Girona.

Toni Kroos And the Marco Asensio Some of the Real Madrid players who appeared in the Avengers marketing campaign were “Heroes Among Us”. Avengers and Adidas release their first-ever joint collection, which also marks the first Adidas-themed collection from the team.

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