Why there are not line judges in the tennis tournament?


WTA Finals

The 2022 WTA Finals will mark the return of this major tournament to the United States after 17 years. That’s why the USTA decided to make some changes to the games. Among these new things was the use of line judges in court.

Greece's Maria Skari practices before the 2022 WTA Finals
© Tom Pennington / Getty ImagesGreece’s Maria Skari practices before the 2022 WTA Finals

The 2022 WTA Finals Tournamint be played in Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas. This means that the best championship of the season returns to the United States afterwards 17 years. Therefore, since the last time the tournament was held, the applied technology in professional tennis has changed a lot.

For the championship, the The first eight players In the Women’s Tennis Association will play in Round Robin Championship To qualify for the semi-finals, and then to the finals. This new tournament system meets the needs to make this type of tournament more attractive. In fact, that’s not the only new thing about this season’s final tournament.

innovation made by USTA Exceeds and affects the function of judgment. Which includes line stewards, who are responsible for making decisions in difficult situations. These men and women are no longer on the sidelines because the USTA has decided to opt for a new system based on applied technologies.

Why are there no line referees in the WTA Finals?

Tennis tournaments held in the United States have always been at the forefront of the new applied technologies in professional tennis. In fact, in 2006, US Open It was the first Grand Slam to use an electronic linear communication system. However, at that time, they kept the written judges in court, in order to assist the president in ruling.

But since the outbreak of the 2020 pandemic, the USTA has decided to exclude line referees from tennis tournaments held in the United States. In fact, both ATP and WTA tournaments use the Electronic line communication system and the Hook technique in their tournaments when they are held in the United States.

Therefore, it may seem like watching a tennis match without it judges lineA simple change with multiple benefits. For example, file Electronic line communication system It is based on actual facts, not what someone can see at the moment. In fact, it takes the pressure off a streak referee, especially in a related tournament like 2022 WTA Finals.

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