Will Christian McCaffrey play Sunday? Kyle Shanahan addresses RB’s 49ers debut



In a shocking turn of events, the San Francisco 49ers acquired relegated superstar Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers. Niners coach Kyle Shanahan spoke about whether he could make his debut on Sunday.

RB Christian McCaffrey was traded from the Panthers to the 49ers.
© Harry Ho/Getty ImagesRB Christian McCaffrey was traded from the Panthers to the 49ers.

future of Christian McCaffrey In the Carolina Panthers I searched the air for a while, and San Francisco 49ers I did not sleep. Thursday , Niners He succeeds in a horrific trade that sends the star to the Bay Area.

With McCaffrey on board, San Francisco beefs up its attack with a key weapon to improve its running game. Meanwhile, the All Pro RB joins a team with Super Bowl aspirations.

Although McCaffrey’s trade happened before the Chiefs’ final rehearsal, many are wondering if he’ll fit in with the Niners in Week Seven on Sunday. according to Kyle ShanahanThe team isn’t ready to confirm anything yet.

Kyle Shanahan won’t rule out Christian McCaffrey from Chiefs match

“I’m still up in the air as to whether or not we’ll be able to take him here on Sunday,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said, via 49ersWebzone.com. “I know for sure he will be here the following Sunday. But that is why I am taking a wait-and-see approach right now.”

Shanahan said that although McCaffrey did not participate in training on Friday, he is Not interested in his physical condition Because he trained during the week with his former team. Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank of Australia is ready to play this weekend.

McCaffrey is excited to join the 49ers, and he wants to play on Sunday

“You can learn a lot in two days… I’ll leave it up to them,” McCaffrey said, via 95.7 the game. “It’s one of the most explosive offenses in the league…how can you not play here as an offensive weapon. I’m excited.”

McCaffrey’s arrival surely gives the Niners more reason to be optimistic, as they will have a double threat to recede. It remains to be seen how he settles into his new team, but so do the expectations to encourage.

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