Will Deshaun Watson be Browns starting quarterback after his suspension?



Deshaun Watson’s return to the NFL is close, but Brown isn’t living a great moment in the 2022 season. Will the quarterback start for Cleveland once his suspension expires?

Deshaun Watson - Cleveland Browns - NFL 2022
© Nick Cammett / Getty ImagesDeshaun Watson – Cleveland Browns – NFL 2022

The Brown They are struggling this year, but hopefully things will change at the end of the season. Deshaun Watson he is Set to return to the NFL soon, but Will the quarterback be in Cleveland when his suspension expires?

Before the start of the 2022 NFL season, it was Brown He made a loud move that shocked everyone. Deshaun Watson I was trade From Houston Texas to Cleveland Finally it looked like North Asia The team got quarterback They were looking for him, but there was a catch.

After a long investigation, NFLleague decided to suspend Watson for 11 games for violating the league’s personal conduct policy, But now he’s back soon and the team hopes to turn things around with him under control.

Will it be Deshaun Watson of the Browns team that will start the quarterback once he returns?

during the 2022 NFL pre-seasonAnd the Deshaun Watson He fought a battle with the league to find out what his punishment would be next Violation of their personal behavior policy. Both parties reached an agreement It was a quarterback Suspended 11 games.

With his absence, the Brown decided to use Jacobi Brisset As the starting quarterback. But now, after a 3-5 startLooks like his time is up and Cleveland has decided who will take his place.

“It was great to have him with us [Deshaun Watson] back in the building,” Cleveland general manager Andrew Perry said. “He’s focused on working on himself, he’s stayed in great shape, he’s been part of the meetings. He did everything and more than what was asked of him. Will be Excited to have him when he can continue To intensify football activities and return to the training ground.”

Well, Brown was very clear: Deshaun Watson is the starting midfielder. will be able to Exercise With the start of the team November 14 and he Eligible for week 13 when Cleveland visits the Houston Texans.

it will be Watson’s revenge game After Houston did not want to continue with him. As it is today I can’t go to brown gamesHe is also practically unable to join the team.

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